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I'm so excited that you're ready to start your essential oil journey!

You can get started with your doTERRA essential oils is just 3 steps! Follow along below, and within minutes you'll have started the journey that's going to bring an amazing and simple tool into your house for you and your family to use.

1. Choose your kit

Essential Collection Kit

$150 US / $185 Canadian
A mini version of the most popular kit

Home Essentials Kit

Home essentials kit transparent small.png

$275 US / $330 Canadian
The most popular starter kit!

Natural Solutions Kit

NaturalSolutionsKit transparent small.png

$550 US / $600 Canadian
When you want to do a complete health overhaul ASAP

* Each country has different enrolment kits in local currencies. To see all the different starter kits for your country, click below:

**You can also choose a custom enrollment order. To do this, please click here to contact me and I'll help get it set up.

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2. Purchase Your Kit

Follow the steps below in order to complete your first purchase.
*Depending on your country, there might be some additional options than the steps below.

  1. Click here to enter the enrollment portal.
  2. Choose your preferred language and country where you live.
  3. Choose 'Local Order' if you want your kit in your local currency and shipped from your country OR choose 'International Order' if you want your kit from the United States, paid in US currency (there are different enrollment kit options from the US than some countries, which is why you might choose to order from them instead). Shipping will take longer if you're ordering not from your own country.
  4. Choose 'Wholesale Customer'.
  5. Complete all required information on the 'About Me' page. NOTE: if the 'Enroller' field is blank, please enter my ID number 1652739 to join my personal team. When you click on 'Verify ID', it will show my name Jackie VanderLinden.
  6. Choose your kit from the top (scroll left and right to see all the kits available from that country). Feel free to add on any additional products in the boxes below the kit choices. Then enter your payment address information.
  7. Enter your payment information and complete your purchase!
  8. **Optional**: You have the option of setting up a LRP order immediately after purchase. This is not required, but is the best way of continuing to purchase your ever-growing wish list of other oils and wellness products. This can be set up or deleted at any time with no cancellation fees, and is like Air Miles on steroids. I can help you set this up after you get your oils, so don't worry if you skip this step for now.

Get excited because the day your oils arrive, it's going to feel like Christmas morning!

3. Get to Know Your Oils

Once you've placed your order, I'll get an email right away (gotta love technology!), and your support will start within 24 hours after ordering! This is what you'll receive to get to know how to use your beautiful oils and wellness products:

Lemon bottle blue border.jpg
  1. A welcome package that'll include some amazing goodies to support you on your new journey.

  2. A 2-week email education series with short videos on the basics of your oils and new yearly membership with doTERRA. Topics include diffusing, roller bottles, and a day-in-the-life of using your oils, to name a few.

  3. An invitation to spend 30 minutes with me customizing your daily health plan using the oils and other wellness products you purchased. No cookie cutter plans here! You get customized advice from yours truly, a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach, with over 10 years experience in the wellness industry.

  4. Weekly online oils classes, covering the topics that'll help you move the needle the fastest in your health and life, to help you get comfortable using your oils ASAP. They’re only magic if you actually use them ;)

  5. A super active Facebook group with giveaways and challenges to help you live your healthiest life possible.

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There is definitely no shortage of support for learning how to use these amazing oils and living your best life. I'm so excited to see the next-level you emerge!