The queen

The Queen tends to have so much clutter is causes issues in day to day living. Those with this high level of clutter tend to avoid having people over because they are embarrassed and ashamed. This can feel totally overwhelming and lost on how to move forward. The Clutter Queen will often think 'I may use this item some day'. Even with hits challenges however, The Queen has much to gain, and will especially do well with not only challenging him/herself to declutter but also challenge themselves to seek emotional support and one-on-one counselling through their transition.

the procrastinator

The Procrastinator is exactly that, often knowing that things want to be done but avoiding the truth in getting it done. The procrastinator also can get confused with the Perfectionist and can overlap as these two often go hand in hand. But the procrastinator isn't as hung up on things being perfect, they more so are somethings overly optimistic in what they can accomplish, or how hard the work will really be. The Procrastinator will do well, with accountability and reward for a job well done. Reaching out to others close to you for support can be highly beneficial.


the renegade

The Renegade, maybe knows (or maybe doesn’t know) how much clutter he or she has but in the end, is very relax and complacent about it all. Even if they know they need to declutter, they likely don't feel that this is a real priority at the time and can often say they've lived like this for so long, why bother changing it. The Clutter Renegade may even be so stubborn to say - they just don't want to. Again, like in other personality types, diving into the emotional piece behind WHY the decluttering started and why they are avoiding facing this challenge can be very beneficial. The great part about the Clutter Renegade is that once they begin to declutter, they often can make decisions quickly and easily.


The Perfectionist has good intentions but gets hung on on the little things. They can often see the potential in anything (one mans junk is another mans treasures). The procrastinator though, often doesn't make the time and energy to complete the tasks that are needed to make an item good/usable again, and feels that they've wasted money if they get rid of it now. The Perfectionist will do well with taking a bigger view of the challenge at hand and taking note of what is REALLY important to them. The Perfectionist doesn't tend to be as visually cluttered as others, but can run into trouble when you look in their drawers, or closets.