Ep 006: 5 Real Tips for Self-Care

Ep.006 Real Self Care.png

Real self-care isn't always the bubble bath and painting your nails.  If it was most women would be full of energy every day.  And while self-care is all the rage right now, we as women are still not recharged and generally are completely burnt out.  In this episode of the podcast I take a no-nonsense approach into the daily work of self-care and the things we truly need to do so that we can feel best in our bodies each and every day.


  • Jackie shares her top pieces of self-care to make REAL change
  • Most effective ways to create real change in your mind + body daily
  • Why what you've been taught about self-care is likely all wrong


  • Infrared Sauna Benefits (https://infraredsauna.com/infrared-sauna-health-benefits)
Jackie VanderLinden