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Custom Meditations

Are you working on a specific goal?

Are you wanting more clarity on a specific problem or area of your life?

Are you feeling lost, anxious, overwhelmed and in need of simple guidance?

Do you simply want to learn how to relax and turn off your mind?

Want to shift your mindset in 5-15 minutes?

How it works?

A discovery call is booked where Jackie will gain a bit more information from you on your specific goals, dreams, struggles. After that, a custom meditation will be created and sent to you in multiple formats for ease of use.

This also includes 1 week of accountability, as meditation is only useful if we allow ourselves the time to practice.


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6 Month Holistic Coaching Program


This program combines the practices of health and life coaching, for the most successful approach yet to create real change in your life.

Each weekly call provides you with tangible practices and methods to approach each week with confident, and allows you to create more flow and ease in every aspect of your life.

No one needs me to tell them to eat their broccoli + meditate! What they do need is support in how to approach meals with a picky family, how to sort out the never ending to-do list, how to handle the business of the week, how to fuel good relationships and release negative ones, and much more.


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