I first fell in love with yoga and meditation because of its powerful affects on my stress levels and physical discomfort.  I am a highly-sensitive person and so when I am overwhelmed and stress, my body has intense physical reactions including pain, headaches, nausea and more. 

The ONE THING I want people to understand about meditation is that there are a MILLION ways to do it.  And so I'm here to help people quickly find a way that works for them, so that they can reap the benefits immediately. 

I have had so many clients tell me they hate meditation, but are open to trying one of my CUSTOM meditations, and then they fall in love with it. 

You see - custom meditations take into consideration YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR FEELINGS, YOUR PREFERENCES and therefore are more enjoyable and work faster. 

Often after JUST ONE time of using a custom meditation, people tell me they are more relaxed, happier, calmer and more motivated. 

Wondering how to get your own custom meditation?

Book a 30 minute discovery call where we'll go over ALL your preferences, and then I will create your meditation within 7 days.  Email holisticjackie@gmail.com to book your time.