Ep. 032 More Vulnerability

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2020


“…by not being vulnerable we are in essence shutting off and pushing away opportunities that often lead to incredible life changing moments…”

We sometimes look at being vulnerable as a negative and something that is scary and could cause bad things to happen, when in truth vulnerability is simply being scared by something, but digging deep, pulling out some courage and doing it anyways! Because yes you could absolutely fail, but what if taking that leap leads to the greatest opportunity of your life?

In today’s episode we’re diving into;

  • Why we fear being vulnerable so much?

  • The positives that can come out of being vulnerable

  • Big vulnerability can lead to BIG reward in your life

  • Where can you increase your vulnerability

  • and much more…

Grab your cup of dark roast and let’s dive in!

References from today’s episode:


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