A Lifestyle Reset for your Body. Create more energy and love your body again.

This course is filled with guidance, inspiration and simple, actionable steps in helping you regain health and vitality in your body. To help you let go over the overwhelm in your mind and heart. And create a home space that supports the life you want to live each day.

This course will focus heavily around taking care of your body so you have energy, strength, but also the knowledge and skill to love your body again.

Other pieces of the program will help you get organized whether that's your calendar, your inbox or your home.

Last but not least, we dive into taking care of our mind and heart. Focusing on increasing our resiliency and releasing negativity and draining energy.

These 3 key areas will TRANSFORM your life. Allowing you the feel better, accomplish more and be happier every day of your life. Join me - in embracing the Less is More Life.


Your Instructor

Jackie VanderLinden is a certified Holistic Coach + Speakers. She is also am Essential Oil Educator, Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), Personal Trainer + Meditation Instructor.

Jackie lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, daughter, dog, rabbit + chickens.

Her approach to health + wellness is one of joy. She believes that you should enjoy what you eat + love moving your body. She is also very passionate about mental, emotional + spiritual health. She believes in finding true happiness in simple pleasures; by creating ease in the day-to-day pieces of our busy lives.

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