I began using essential oils as a way to simplify and ‘clean up’ many of my products in my home. I was TIRED of having a huge closet filled with cleaners, soaps, hair products, make-up, medicines and more - most of which were toxic to my health and not to mention a big waste of money.

When I started to incorporate doTERRA essential oils into my home it easily became my go-to for everything.

Don’t get me wrong – this didn’t all happen overnight, but within about 6 months I cleaned up 75% of the products I used in my home. Run out of laundry soap? No problem, mix up a few simple ingredients and 5 minutes later - done. Feeling tense after a long day at the office – couple drops of oil on my neck and temples created so much relief. Overwhelmed and drained? I’d add a few drops to the diffuser and was an instant pick me up!To inquire about booking costs, fill out the form and Jackie will respond to you asap!

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These little bottles of oils empowered me by bringing a sense of simplicity and ease into my life.
These oils were truly the missing piece in living the life I wanted, the piece where I could take care of myself and my family using a pure, holistic approach that gave me real results.


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If you have ever ‘googled’ essential oils out of interest, you know that the information is endless - and honestly, a bit overwhelming. I am the kind of person that likes to know EVERYTHING about a topic and dives right in, but I was a busy girl – working 60+ hours a week plus trying to keep up with my little family, so I started slow. I focused on one oil at a time, and as illnesses or issues arose in the house, I would just pull out my handy resource guide, look up the ailment and find remedy and try it out.

Again and again I was blown away by the power of these oils, and I found that over time, I started using the oils more and more and more - even my husband starting using them. If you’d like to find out more on how I use essential oils in my home and other great information you can join my Essential Oil Holistic Tribe on Facebook.

Essential oils are the therapeutic compound found in a variety of plants from around the world. These compounds are the immune system of the plant; the part that keeps the plant safe and healthy even its natural environment. Depending on the plant the essential oil can be found in the leaves, the bark, the root or the flower. These plants are then collected and then distilled - creating pure and powerful essential oils.

Unfortunately in today’s world it’s all about faster and cheaper, and many essential oil companies have taken this route by adding synthetic fillers and heavily diluting. Since there is no governing body for essential oils, they can easily print “100% pure” when it’s far from the truth. This is why it is so important to ensure the purity of the oils you are using and that rigorous testing is completed.

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