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When people ask, "how are you?" is your response "BUSY" or "TIRED"?

Sometimes it's not about doing more, its about doing less with more intention


I believe that nothing is more important than our health, and that we ALL deserve and are capable of feeling great in our bodies. 

I believe that we can create a home space that supports us.

I believe that everyone has the right and power within themselves to create a life they love.

I believe that it’s not all about being perfect, but embracing a path of honesty, intention and learning.

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Simple Life Full of Joy

We’ve got to trim some of the fat and focus on what will really move the needle. Here’s what I value the most in my life, and what helped me create real change:



I know your days are busy - so each and every moment with me, each and everything I share with you has a reason, purpose and power.


Our energy each day sets the pace, and I have seen, over and over again, clients telling me the first thing they notice in my programs is that they have more energy for their busy days.


I strongly believe that one of the first step in creating positive change in our lives is about being honest with ourselves and with those on this journey with us.


Over the past 20 years in the health & fitness industry, I’ve seen a lot of people do crazy things to get ‘results’ … that don’t last and are often harmful. Let’s not do that.

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