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Ep. 050 More Creativity with Rebekah Mersereau

Season #1 Episode #50

Today I got to sit down with Rebekah Jane Mersereau and have a really beautiful conversation.  Rebekah is an artist, creative, mom, entrepreneur and inclusive community art instructor. Through her business Rebekah Jane Art she creates connections through creativity by providing the tools for a full creative life that help them serve the people that need them most through inclusive community art classes.

We’re talking all about;

  • Rebekah’s story of becoming a working artist after she completed high school, and how art is integral part of her life and wellbeing
  • Some tips on how you can tap into your own creativity even if you do not think you’re a very creative person
  • Some limitations that can stop us from tapping into our creative selves.
  • And so much more…

Grab your cup of dark roast and let’s dive in!

To connect with Rebekah online head over to:

Grab yourself a copy of  Deep Kindness The book Rebekah spoke about on today's episode



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