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Ep. 049 From Fast Food Junkie to Health Coach

Season #1 Episode #49

Today's episode is a little reintroduction to me.  I was challenged in a business group I'm in to go live on instagram and facebook and talk about my journey and I thought it would be great to share with all of you! So this is a little reintroduction episode today!

I'll be talking about;

  • My story and journey of becoming a health coach after years of being a fast food junkie
  • Some of the small shifts I implemented to begin living a healthier lifestyle
  • The importance of showing up for yourself and balancing your mind & body
  • And so much more...


Grab your cup of dark roast and let's dive in!

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Head over to or find me on Facebook Holistic Jackie Instagram @holisticjackie and pop me a message and we'll send you all the details. Until next time, friends, wishing you much health and happiness


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