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Ep. 048 Understanding Adult ADHD with Special Guest Kami Timmons

Season #1 Episode #48

I am so honoured to be talking to Kami Timmons today all about adult ADHD.

Kami Timmons is a mom of 4 who was diagnosed with ADHD at 35 after her oldest child was diagnosed. She has since dedicated her life to raising awareness of adult ADHD. As a former elementary school teacher turned ADHD coach she helps other mamas learn to work with their ADHD instead of against it. She considers herself to be a nerdy weirdo but a proud one. When she’s not working you can usually find her playing video games, watching Dr. Who reruns, or just hanging out with her fam.

We are talking about;

  • Kami's story of being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 35
  • The different stigmas and myths around what ADHD is
  • How this diagnosis propelled Kami into starting a coaching business where she helps ADHD moms "slay their ADHD day"

Grab your cup of dark roast and join Kami and I for today's discussion.

You can find Kami online at:

Instagram: @theadhdmommy

Facebook: The ADHD Mommy



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