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Ep. 044 Forgiveness

Season #1 Episode #44

Today we are going to do things a bit differently.  I am going to be sharing a meditation from my Less is More Program and I decided to share this as a podcast episode because there are enough things going on in our minds these days, and holding grudges or angry resentful thoughts about someone else shouldn’t take up precious space. And forgiveness - whether that be for others or for ourselves - is a huge part of our healing journey.

So grab a quiet, peaceful space.  Get comfy, and enjoy this guided meditation!

As always - thank you for joining me today. Don’t forget to join me over in the Less is More Members Lounge which gives you free access to more guided mediations, and resources all about living a life of less. It’s being updated constantly - so head over to click the sign up link in the top right corner.  And until next time friends - wishing you less clutter and more ease.



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