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Ep. 042 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

Season #1 Episode #42

"This is the part of winter where many are feeling totally run down, even if you are someone who doesn’t deal with anxiety or depression, right now, with the state of the world, the grey days, the cold weather, and our regular day-to-day stresses… the weight of it all can feel draining and overwhelming."

Join me today as we talk about;

  • The difficult time of year that can cause our mental health to suffer
  • The importance of seeking help for serious mental health decline, & anxiety.
  • Top 5 tips to start trying to implement to beat those winter blues
  • And much more...

Grab your cup of dark roast and let's dive in!  For more information on the essential oils listed in today's episode please head over to and if you'd like to read the transcription for today's episode head over to Ep. 042 5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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