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Ep. 041 5 Tips to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Season #1 Episode #41

“For most of my years on this earth, saying yes to everything often got me praise for doing the extra work, or a big thanks for helping out with x,y,z. However, while that all sounds good, it also forced me into overload and generally, not having enough time to do All. The. Things.”

Join me today as we talk about; 

  • The problems you could be causing yourself by saying no all the time, even when you want to say no.
  • 5 tips that you can use to move away from being a people pleaser and into finding more balance.
  • How implementing even just one step at a time can help you to regain some more control over your life, and have less guilt, less resentment, less stress.
  • And much more…

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