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Less is More: Becoming Happier and Healthier by Simplifying your Life

Less is More: Becoming Happier and Healthier by Simplifying your Life

Hosted by: Jackie VanderLinden

I'm Jackie VanderLinden, founder of and I am a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Health + Life Coach, doTERRA Essential Oil Advocate, wife + mother and I'm here sharing how to simplify your life! ...


Ep. 038 3 Questions to ask yourself about your New Year's Resolution

Season #1 Episode #38

"...there is nothing wrong with creating and setting a new year's resolution. But what I get frustrated with is that if we don't achieve that resolution, and statistically, most people fall off their new year's...
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Ep. 037 Practicing Non Attachment

Season #1 Episode #37

“Non attachment in my eyes is the power of being able to mindfully detach. Whether that be detach from possessions, other peoples opinions, detach from outcomes or exceptions or even detach from some people...
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Ep. 036 Emotional Intelligence with special guest Maggie Donies

Season #1 Episode #36

Today I am doing a rare interview on the podcast.  I sit down with  Maggie Donis, a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor in Florida with over 10 years experience in the Mental Health and Social Services fields.  We will...
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Ep. 035 Normalize Normal Homes

Season #1 Episode #35

"The idea of normalizing "normal homes" to me is about having a home space that supports you, and your family. But it's also about having a place you LOVE!" Pinterest and instagram are both great to look at for...
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Ep 034. 4 Tips for Clutter Free Living

I cannot stress how much your DAILY habits influence us. As I record this episode, I’m staring at a post - it note I’ve stuck on my computer monitor that says - I become what I do consistently.   None of us are...
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Ep. 033 Toxic Positivity

You've experienced Toxic Positivity even if you don't know what it is.  And its an issue that is plaguing our society. 'just snap out of it' or 'good vibes only' can mask and push down someones emotions, leaving them...
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Ep. 032 More Vulnerability

Episode #32

“…by not being vulnerable we are in essence shutting off and pushing away opportunities that often lead to incredible life changing moments…” We sometimes look at being vulnerable as a negative and something that is...
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Ep. 031 Declutter Your Diet

Episode #31

“…we are just going to focus on shifting your diet to one that fuels you instead of drains you…” I have never been a big fan of the word “Diet”, it makes me think about starving, lack of food, & depriving myself...
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Ep. 030 Less Willpower

Episode #30

"What if I told you it's not a lack of willpower that holds you back from your goals? I actually consider myself to be a person that has HORRIBLE willpower, but I also know I am a person that has amazing purpose!...
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Ep. 029 It's Ok to Pause

Episode #29

“I titled this It’s ok to Pause because it is ok to just listen for a minute…” I had to give myself permission the last few weeks to just pause this podcast and I felt I needed to come back today with the message for...
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Ep. 028 6 Things I Had To Unlearn

Episode #28

Perfecting oneself is as much about learning as it is about unlearning Join Jackie today for a discussion about things we’ve learned over that years that are not serving us in living our best lives. Although this list...
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Ep. 027 One Question To Change Your Life

Episode #27

What if asking yourself just one simple question could set the wheels in motion for your whole life to change?  Stick with me here...Our daily "to do" lists are so long, they can feel overwhelming, and then...
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